What is Vacate Cleaning?

A Vacate clean is usually conducted at business properties or both business and residential properties going for sale. This type of clean would have to be one of the most important; regardless of a bond being involved or not this clean is the most scrutinised by landlords and real estate agents alike. After removing all furniture and office/household items there is not much left to hide, every corner and light fitting will be on a show. This is not only important to you, especially if a bond is involved but is important to us at High Power Cleaning to upkeep our good name and high standards. We pride ourselves on providing quality and detailed cleaning no matter what the property or the circumstance.


Who should do it?

Professionals. Sorry, those who enjoy a challenge, but leave this one to the professionals. This type of clean requires us to bring out all the big guns, all our high tech floor polishes, carpet steamers and high-pressure washers. Our Canberra High Power Cleaning Teamwork quickly, effectively and utilise their specialist knowledge to ensure no corner, no appliance or tough stain is left.


What is expected?

As you might guess, everything, absolutely everything needs to be sparkling clean. You wouldn’t expect anything else if you were buying a property or moving into a new property.

Clean Home  Clean Home  Clean Home


We at High Power Cleaning have extensive experience cleaning properties both residential and commercial before sale. We have built good relationships with real estate agents and landlords alike due to our high standards.

Let us help you.

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High Power Cleaning Genuine Reviews

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Highly recommend
Recently booked a service for carpet and tile I was worried in the beginning for the very dirty stains on the carpet but must say the job done by High Power Cleaning technician came out absolutely fantastic. Even the tile grout were in very bad condition, thought I might need to regrout that. After the cleaning tile were looking good My house is in better cleaning status than before. Thank you sunil and kirti for your excellent service. Peter Sep 17, 2016
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