Getting Your Bond Back

Top 3 Things You Need To Know.

  1. End of Lease Clean? Not just for those moving out.

Either way, if you are moving out of renewing your lease you still need to do a thorough clean, sorry and it’s more than your usual spring clean. Think scrubbing walls, getting to every corner of the bathroom and those never been touched skirting boards. There is quite a list of cleaning requirements that is expected to be cleaned at the end of Lease Clean. You can view generic End of Lease cleaning checklists online (i have included a link at the bottom of the page) which most landlords/real estate agents and owners expect to be done at the completion of any the lease.

  1. Wear and Tear?

Good news, there is consideration given for general wear and tear that happens with any tenancy. I’m going to refer you to the Rental Tenants Authority (RTA) website which although is from QLD is generic throughout all states. The consideration of wear and tear may also be included in the rental agreement, usually, if a thorough End of Lease Clean is conducted and there weren’t any major holes in walls, etc. this won’t be an issue.

  1. Condition Report?

Please don’t say what is this, this is a very very important document. This could be the difference between getting your bond back in full or half taken. The real estate agent or landlord will complete a condition report before the commencement of any lease (if not this is more leeway) and another will be completed at the end of a lease. This is to prove that something wasn’t broken at the start and was broken at the end. Make sure that any none- functioning appliances or equipment at the beginning of the lease is noted in the first condition report; this will save you $$.

Follow this guide and your bond money should head straight back into your pock

et. As I mentioned here is a very comprehensive list of recommended End of Lease cleaning, you need to prepare yourself for more than an afternoon of cleaning, or call our customer care center to arrange a quote!

End of Lease Checklist: