Collaboration key in fight against healthcare associated infections

Interclean’s Future Disinfection Now 2017 conference took place on Tuesday 28 February at Rydges, Melbourne and Thursday 2 March at Waterview Bicentennial Park, Sydney. INCLEAN assistant editor Lizzie Hunter joined other healthcare and infection control professionals at the conference to find out more about the current and future challenges of environmental disinfection in hospital and aged care facilities, and what cleaning supervisors, managers and contractors can do to address these issues.

Learn from the past to prepare for the future”

Global chief clinical officer at Pentax Medical, Dr Hudson Garrett Jr was the first speaker to be welcomed to the stage to discuss the role of the clinical environment in the transmission of healthcare associated infections (HAI).

“I don’t know about you, but I don’t go to the hospital and say, ‘I’d like to sign the forms to be admitted, and oh, by the way, I would like a complimentary staph infection’ – no-one says that,” he exclaimed. “But in reality, that’s what happens every single day across the world.”

According to Garrett, many HAIs are preventable with current recommendations, yet only 30 to 38 per cent of hospitals are fully compliant, with only 40 per cent of healthcare personnel adhering to proper hand hygiene.

He demonstrated how easily transmission of HAIs can occur through a simple handshaking exercise, explaining that healthcare workers need to “learn from the past to prepare for the future”.

“What we do in healthcare must always derive value for the patient. If it doesn’t, we need to get rid of it. If there is a way to reproduce best practice – we need to follow it. We need to make better educated decisions and spend our resources appropriately.”

Hudson also posed the question, “Why can’t the healthcare industry be more like the airline industry?” after recounting what happened when a flight he was on from Dallas to Texas had to make an emergency landing.

“Airline industry employees are so well trained to be a cross functional team; after the pilot announced we were to prepare for an emergency landing, everyone worked in coordination; the flight attendants knew what to do, the pilot knew what to do, and the air traffic control knew what to do. Why can’t we take that same approach – where everyone works together – and apply it to environmental services to provide safe care for patients?”

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National campaign shows FWO intervention improves compliance

A nation-wide audit of 891 businesses previously found to have contravened workplace laws has revealed the positive impact of intervention by the Fair Work Ombudsman (FWO) on improving employers’ compliance.

The FWO national compliance monitoring campaign focused on following up with businesses that the agency had previously found to be non-compliant with their workplace obligations. The campaign found that 83 per cent of previously non-compliant businesses were now paying their workers correctly, while 81 per cent were complying with record-keeping and pay slip requirements.

Overall, 69 per cent of the previously non-compliant businesses were found to be fully compliant with their workplace obligations.

FWO Natalie James said the results show the progress being made by her agency towards creating a culture of compliance with Australian workplace laws.

“It is important to go back and check that businesses have mended their ways after my agency has found them to be non-compliant. It is clear that after their initial interactions with my agency, most of these businesses have taken our advice on board and put in place systems and processes to ensure they are compliant into the future,” Ms James said.

“Many of these businesses are small businesses that often do not have the benefit of dedicated human resources or payroll teams, meaning that the advice and guidance they receive from my agency is vital. The positive results of this campaign show that non-compliant businesses are often genuinely trying to do the right thing, but may lack an understanding or awareness of their obligations.

“Of course, there is still room for improvement. It is important for all businesses to be aware of and comply with their workplace obligations, and my agency will continue to assist them to do so.”

Amongst the businesses found to be non-compliant during the campaign, Fair Work Inspectors identified 390 contraventions, primarily relating to pay slip errors, underpayments and failure to apply penalty rates.

In many cases where non-compliance was detected, the FWO found that the businesses had made a genuine effort to comply following the initial interaction with the FWO.

However, the FWO has taken enforcement action against 195 businesses in response to significant instances of continued non-compliance uncovered during the audits.

“Continued deliberate non-compliance, particularly when a business has previously been audited by my agency, cannot be tolerated,” Ms James said. “We will be closely monitoring those businesses found to be non-compliant during this campaign to ensure that they are meeting their obligations in the future.

“Any further instances of non-compliance may be put before the courts to seek financial penalties.”

Ms James said her agency is committed to providing employers with easy access to resources and information to enable them to understand and comply with their workplace obligations.

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IMF Bentham withdraws Spotless class action funding

IMF Bentham Limited plans to discontinue funding of shareholder class action against Spotless Group, subject to court approval.

The class action was launched by IMF Bentham and William Roberts Lawyers in February against Spotless  over its 2015 financial results.

In a statement issued by IMF Bentham, the litigation funder said the withdrawal will result in a loss from the investment of around $510,000.

A second class action was filed against Spotless in May by law firm Slater & Gordon over the company’s 2015 profit downgrade.

The announcement comes as Spotless continues to reject a takeover bid by Downer Services.

Earlier this week Downer declared its $1.2 billion takeover offer for Spotless Group unconditional, waiving  all remaining outstanding conditions and introducing accelerated payment terms.

The offer is still scheduled to close on Thursday, 29 June.

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Applications open for Careerforce Training Excellence Awards


With applications now open until 30 June, Careerforce is inviting apprentices, trainees and workplaces across New Zealand’s hygiene, health and wellbeing sector to take part in the 2017 Careerforce Training Excellence Awards.

The Careerforce Training Excellence Awards recognise employees and employers who are committed to training, professional development, and making a difference in the lives of New Zealanders.

Careerforce chief executive Ray Lind said these awards are the first of their kind for the health, wellbeing, social and community services, cleaning and pest management sectors.

“We recognise the great work these trainees and workplaces do in supporting the health and wellbeing of New Zealand,” Mr Lind said. “This is an opportunity to recognise and reward dedicated people who show commitment to training, a desire to improve in their role and a contribution to their communities.

“These could be people working in mental health and addiction support, disability, aged care, social services, youth work and many other important sectors that contribute to better outcomes for New Zealanders.”

The awards are open to anyone involved with Careerforce who is currently undertaking or has recently completed a National Certificate, New Zealand certificate or diploma.

This includes Careerforce apprentices and trainees, and organisations who train with Careerforce.

The awards categories include Apprentice of the Year, Trainee of the Year, Māori Trainee of the Year and Pasifika Trainee of the Year. There’s also Workforce Development Employer of the Year award for the organisation, company or business that offers exceptional training to Careerforce trainees and apprentices.

Careerforce will be short-listing three finalists for each category and is encouraging trainees and workplaces from all over New Zealand to get involved.

Winners will be announced at the Careerforce Workforce Development Conference Dinner at Te Papa, Wellington on 7 August 2017.

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ISSA/INTERCLEAN North America keynote speakers revealed

Comedian Howie Mandel and former NFL Dallas Cowboys quarterback Troy Aikman will be the 2017 ISSA keynote speakers for the ISSA/INTERCLEAN North America Trade Show and Convention, taking place 11 to 14 September in Las Vegas.

“With the high-quality of the selected speakers, these entertaining addresses will be can’t-miss events,” said ISSA conventions and meetings director Kim Althoff.

“I can’t wait to hear what insights these gentlemen share for attendees to bring back to their everyday lives and businesses.”

Aikman will be speaking on Wednesday 13 September at 9:00 am, and Mandel will be closing the show, speaking on Thursday 14 September at 2:30 pm.

From left: Howie Mandel and Troy Aikman

Meet the speakers

Canadian born TV personality Howie Mandel has amassed a prolific career lasting more than 30 years. While many know him from his current stint as a judge on the widely popular TV show America’s Got Talent and his role as former host of the game show Deal or No Deal, he also participated in a wide variety of other shows. Mandel’s success is not limited to solely one media. His memoir, Here the Deal: Don’t Touch Me, that covers a variety of topics and personal issues—including his self-proclaimed germaphobia—was a New York Times bestseller.

Troy Aikman spent his entire 12-year football career as the quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys. Entering the league as the first-overall pick of the 1989 NFL Draft, he enjoyed legendary success, setting 45 franchise passing records and leading his team to six divisional titles, four conference championship games, and three Super Bowls—a feat done by only three quarterbacks besides Aikman in the history of the NFL. Aikman was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2006; and his work as a five-time Super Bowl broadcaster for NFL on Fox earned him an Emmy nomination.

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Downer lifts Spotless stake to 30 per cent

Downer EDI Limited says it has increased its interest in Spotless Group to almost 30 per cent, despite the cleaning and facilities management group continuing to urge shareholders to reject the takeover bid.

Downer announced on Thursday, 15 June it has an interest in Spotless equivalent to 29.598 per cent.

Downer is offering $1.15 per Spotless share, valuing the company at $1.3 billion.

Earlier this month Downer extended its takeover offer for a second time, with the new deadline set for Thursday, 29 June.

The company also agreed to waive all remaining conditions, and introduce accelerated payment terms, if it reaches a 50 per cent acceptance level by Monday, 19 June.

In a business update issued on Thursday, 15 June, Spotless once again urged shareholders to reject the offer.

Spotless said it was demonstrating positive momentum, accelerated by the sale of a bundle of around 250 small cleaning contracts in New Zealand, as well as the commencement of its partnership with the new Royal Adelaide Hospital – Spotless’ largest PPP contract.

In addition to the Royal Adelaide Hospital, Spotless said it had also received a short-term extension of the SA Health contract under which Spotless provides support services to three metropolitan Adelaide hospitals.

Spotless chairman, Garry Hounsell said: “As we have consistently maintained, Spotless is at an inflection point, and today’s announcement is further evidence that the strategy reset is well on track and there is strong positive momentum in the business.”

“The board and management team have maintained their strong focus on delivering results and we continue to maintain our belief that Spotless can create more value over the medium term as an independent company.”

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SCA to shut US tissue production plant

Photo courtesy:

SCA will close its tissue production plant in Flagstaff, Arizona, in the US this month.

The company said the closure of the Flagstaff tissue production plant is part of the company’s “Tissue Roadmap” and is aligned with the company’s strategy to optimise the geographic production footprint to drive cost and capital efficiency, and further increase value creation in the Professional Hygiene business area.

The Flagstaff tissue production plant has an annual capacity of 55,000 tons for the Professional Hygiene business.

SCA, with the leading global brand Tork, is the second largest player in the US professional hygiene market.

The US is the Group’s largest market, based on net sales in 2016, and is highly prioritised by SCA.

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Transparency key to Clientskey

Clientskey, a specification-based management system, aims to create more transparency between cleaning contractors and clients. Clientskey co-founder and director of operations Prakash Somarathne discussed with INCLEAN editor Claire Hibbit the idea behind the software and its features, including soon to be launched beacon technology capabilities.

Melbourne-based management platform Clientskey is turning the traditional management system model on its head, with a new program that enables companies and clients to create, access and monitor customised specifications and requirements.

At the time of print, Clientskey was still in its testing phase, with commercial cleaning companies Cleanamaniacs Australia and Directeight trialing the technology. The platform is slated to be available to the wider commercial cleaning market from May 2017.

Prakash Somarathne, Clientskey co-founder and director of operations, told INCLEAN, transparent communication is key to the management system’s offering.

Users produce and assign a series of customisable specifications and requirements for workers, and are notified once the task has been completed.

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Kärcher opens hub for the South Island

Kärcher Center Hydraquip manager Juan Ramirez spoke to INCLEAN NZ editor Claire Hibbit about the newly opened 700sqm purpose-built centre and and its facilities.

Kärcher Center Hydraquip manager Juan Ramirez says the new purpose-built 700sqm facility in the Caterbury region will be a “hub for the South Island”, providing a regional base for sales and servicing.

The centre is the fourth Kärcher Center in the key regions of New Zealand making it the first country to have national Kärcher presence. Other Kärcher centres include Auckland (head office), Hamilton and Wellington.

The new facility incorporates the latest Kärcher inspired 280sqm showroom design, along with the South Island’s largest service repair centre.

“We’re really proud and really excited about the new facility,” Ramirez said. “In terms of total size, this would have to be the second largest facility in New Zealand but the showroom and workshop areas would be largest [based on square meterage],” he explained.

The previous showroom was 36sqm, however, the new centre has been increased to 250sqm. The previous workshop was 11sqm and has now been significantly extended to 400sqm.

The centre will also be a hub for training.

“We do have a quite a number of service agents throughout the South Island, and throughout the country, and they’ll be able to use this base as a training area, rather than going to Auckland.

“We have the ability to do demonstrations, and have three technicians as well as one sales showroom rep here.”

Ramirez said the new Kärcher Center aligns with Kärcher’s global vision including its strategy to have a greater retail focus.

“I think this [footprint] is exactly what Kärcher is looking to do – Kärcher want to have more centres that are more retail focused, where people can see what we have on offer, but not only that also offering services [in-store] as well as sales.

“It’s a space that allows us to showcase all our product lines.”

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Parliament House cleaners call on politicians for donations

Parliament House cleaners are taking action after five years of no pay rises by calling on Australian politicians to help fund a living wage for the staff who keep Parliament House clean.

Cleaners union United Voice has set up a not-for-profit company with the sole purpose of collecting donations from the politicians at Parliament House to be distributed quarterly to the cleaners.

‘We Clean the People’s House’ will be in operation until the cleaners achieve a living wage. The company has three directors: John Falzon, CEO St Vincent de Paul Society, Jo-anne Schofield, national secretary United Voice and Hilary Russell Wardle, solicitor.

“It’s gotten to the stage where we need to ask for help for the cleaners to earn a living wage, and we are asking for a fortnightly donation from our well-paid politicians,” said Lyndal Ryan, United Voice ACT branch secretary.

“It is outrageous that the cleaners have had no wage rise for five years, whilst the population of the building has risen to 5000 when Parliament is sitting and with more functions taking place.”

John Falzon added that “the people who clean Parliament House are not invisible people”.

“They are people. They have families they are struggling to support and rents they are struggling to pay.”

Around 40 cleaners are employed to clean and maintain Parliament House which is open every day of the year except Christmas Day.

‘We Clean the People’s House’ is being launched today, Thursday 15 June, by Parliament House cleaners, John Falzon and Lyndal Ryan at Parliament House, Canberra.

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