Renters warned about online real estate scam –

The e-mail Martin got from the scammer.


AUSTRALIAN tenants have been warned about an elaborate scam involving fake property listings posted to your big real estate site.

The scamthat has been reported to governments, targets prospective renters of the luxury rental in the upmarket Melbourne suburb of Albert Park.

It’s recognized that the scammer used a fake advertising on realestate web site When a user sends an online query in regards to the property, the scammer, posing while the neighbor, requests for credit card information to secure the lease.

Martin Haak, 3-9, sent an inquiry regarding a property recorded at Albert Park during his Domain account and received the email from a man posing as a neighbor. The advert did not not incorporate the land address, but had been recorded in $700 a week — even far less than the ordinary luxurious Albert Park rental. “There’s was no representative around the record no touch information nor was there ever that address,” Haak explained. “They also explained inquire for the particulars. ”

Haak received an email in the scammer explaining the land and also with photos of the Albert Park dwelling now recorded on the site. “I ever did a search on Google and discovered that there has been a listing for that exact property plus it was a very different price tag,” Haak says. Haak, that specializes at IT, guessed anything was incorrect.

The full email Martin received from the scammer.

The complete e-mail Martin received from the scammer. Resource:Officially

“He finally sent me a fake TripAdvisor e-mail,” Haak explains. The email contained reservation confirmation information and required bank card info. “He mentioned that payment was received I’d secure the keys,” Haak says.

“The e-mail almost had me personally. Despite the fact that it includes TripAdvisor from the address, it’s not that the TripAdvisor domain. I really am hoping no one ever& morersquo;s O lost 2000. ”

Domain explained it had an isolated incident caused by a breach of the actual estate agent’s safety. However in an email sent to Domain Name account holders on Saturday, the company said it had been removed a number of deceptive listings in Victoria, Queensland, New South Wales and Darwin.

Agent Jo Worrell of Greg Hocking Albert Park was alarmed later it became clear the real estate details that the scammer was applying belonged to a few of her clients. “I’ never experienced it but I personally’ve ever heard of this happening. Individuals should go via a trustworthy agent and never to manage somebody who’s O contacted them immediately through email,” Worrell says.

Domain Name spokesman Brad Hatch explained that the site wasldquo;protected and safe”.

“The dilemma you refer to can be one isolated incident regarding a breach of a broker’s internet security, not ours.

“We have processes set up to ensure the ethics of listings on our site.

“We all invite agents to become more vigilant about their on-line safety, which include presenting two-factor authentication being an extra security measure. ”

Real-estate scams may also be mentioned on the client Affairs Victoria web site and also the CAV Helpline 1300 55 81 81.

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