Rental vacancy rates ease over May but still tough for tenants – Domain News

Household rental vacancy costs overall facilitated over might although conditions remain definitely tough for renters generally in the majority of capital city economies.

The national capital town vacancy speed was stable for most houses at 2.1 per cent within the month with components easing to 2.2 per cent for an overall effect of total domiciles of 2.2 per cent.

Perth continues to capture the maximum dwelling vacancy rates of most of the capitals in 3.8 per cent might but the latest trend is clearly declining from your peaks of last year.   Canberra and Hobart have the best vacancy costs of houses in a rather limited 0.9 per cent and 0.6 per cent respectively.   Even the Melbourne market place is additionally offering couple choices for renters with an vacancy speed for houses of just 1.3 per cent.

Darwin and Perth publicly recorded the maximum vacancy costs for components over per month in 4.1 per cent and 4.2 per cent respectively but these effects were less than might last year.   Despite forecasts of an apartment glut due to the recent recording levels of construction, vacancy charges for components at Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra continue being limited.   Unit rates at Brisbane nevertheless remain at higher levels recording 3.1 per cent over might.


Might’s little easing in vacancy rates demonstrates elevated listings over the month following the considerable holiday distractions of April.   Capital town rental markets nevertheless generally remain to capture chronic shortage of available houses with higher rents a more possible consequence.

Recent policy attempts to enhance interest levels for investors and generally tighten lending conditions for this category will be awful news for renters in case it contributes to fewer available lease possessions.

Dr Andrew Wilson is Domain Team Chief Economist Twitter@DocAndrewWilson unite on Linked in and Facebook in MyHousingMarket.