What is an End of Lease Clean?

At the completion of any lease, you will usually have the chance to stay or move out. It’s important for those not only who want to renew their lease but for those who want to add another positive reference on their rental CV. So either way, if you choose to stay on or move out you will need to clean, sorry. And it’s not just your standard spring clean, be prepared an End of Lease clean is only for the brave and determined.


Who should do it?

Depending on your landlord/real estate agent you many decide to conquer the feat yourself, however, some do specify that professional cleaning is a requirement and End of Lease.

We at Melbourne High Power Cleaning want to make your life easier; we want to take the hassle of either moving out or preparing your property for an end of lease inspection. We will save your time and check every box of the general


What’s Expected?

Unfortunately, an End of Lease clean is not your regular bathroom, kitchen, vacuum and mop. It includes every household appliance and furniture item. In the kitchen alone, you will be required to clean inside and outside of all cupboards, clean the rangehood, inside and outside of fridge and freezer, descale sinks and taps etc. I’m sure you get the picture. Imagine a similar list for the bathroom and the rest of the house and Garden!!

Here is an example of a standard End of Lease cleaning checklist, let us help you and we will ensure that we check every box in this End of Clean!


  • Clean inside/outside out all cupboards
  • Wash all countertops and surface areas
  • Clean inside and outside of oven, microwave, dishwasher, fridge, defrost freezer (if supplied)
  • Clean cooktop, grill and rangehood
  • Clean sink and taps, including descaling
  • Clean windows, window sills/tracks, window and door frames and fly screens
  • Sweep/vacuum and wash floors


  • Clean sink, toilet and bath including taps
  • Clean tiles
  • Remove any mould from walls/tiles and ceiling
  • Wash shower curtain/clean shower doors or enclosure
  • Clean all surface areas, shower rails and mirrors
  • Sweep and wash all floors

Other rooms

  • Dust and wash all surfaces
  • Dust and wash door and window frames and window sills/tracks
  • Clean mirrors
  • Dust fans
  • Wipe outside of air conditioning units, clean filters
  • Clean out any cupboards or wardrobes
  • Dust and clean skirting boards
  • Vacuum and wash floors

Outdoor areas

  • Mow grass, weed and trim edges
  • Clean out any leaves or debris in the pool (check for any special conditions in the tenancy agreement)
  • Sweep external areas
  • Empty and wash out bins
  • Remove any oil stains on driveway or in garage
  • Remove cobwebs

Also, it is important to check if Carpet Cleaning is a requirement in your Lease if so, we can help you out with this as well!

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