End of Lease Cleaning

At High Power Cleaning Services, we have years of experience cleaning residential and commercial properties of all sizes throughout the Melbourne Area. Our team of professional cleaners has developed cleaning methods to clean offices and homes efficiently and effectively using industrial equipment and specific products. We know what real estate agencies, property managers, and landlords expect when a lease is finished, and that is exactly what our end of lease cleaning is designed to do. Get your property condition approved to get you moving quickly and without encountering unnecessary hurdles.

For residential properties

The most common reasons for ending a lease in a residential property is due to the increase of rent, for sale or the owners wanting to move in. No matter the reason, a lease agreement comes with its conditions and fine print which perhaps you haven’t had to refer to before but now it is essential. It should include the agreement for cleaning and procedural requirements to be followed when a lease is to be finished.

For businesses

Your lease may have been ended by choice, due to redevelopment or due to changes in management. For commercial properties, our end of lease cleaning includes the cleaning of shared rooms (meeting rooms), kitchens, bathrooms, boardrooms, etc.

Our End of Lease Cleaning includes:

  • Clean and scrubbing of all walls, skirting boards, doors, and roofs
  • Clean all internal windows and sills
  • All light fixtures and power points
  • Bathroom sinks, baths, showers, tiles, mirrors
  • Carpet steam cleaning, and
  • Clean and polish of hard floors.

Our Tips and Recommendations when ending a lease

  • Make sure you view the properties condition report if you hadn’t taken photos of the state of the property when you moved in. This will show if not explicitly mentioned in your lease agreement.
  • Be prepared to spend hours cleaning your home or office and spending money on cleaning equipment, detergents, and hiring equipment if you are going at it alone.
  • If you don’t have time, instead of losing your bond, get an affordable professional cleaner like us which will keep your property manager or real estate and help you get that bond back.
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We service all residential and commercial properties in the Melbourne CBD and surrounding areas.


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Recently booked a service for carpet and tile I was worried in the beginning for the very dirty stains on the carpet but must say the job done by High Power Cleaning technician came out absolutely fantastic. Even the tile grout were in very bad condition, thought I might need to regrout that. After the cleaning tile were looking good My house is in better cleaning status than before. Thank you sunil and kirti for your excellent service. Peter Sep 17, 2016
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