City of Melbourne introduces cigarette butt recycling initiative

The  town of Melbourne has become one of just two councils in Australia to run a city wide initiative to recycle millions of smoke butts into industrial services and products.

“We amass significantly more than 200,000 cigarette butts per week from 367 smoke butt bins around the metropolis: clutter which may otherwise end up getting washed down drains and into the Yarra River,” Lord may or Robert Doyle AC said.

“Cigarette butts aren’t biodegradable and break down slowly and gradually. As part of the project, we’ll re-cycle binned cigarette butts into useful items such as transport pallets and vinyl furniture.

“We have collected 1.2 million butts from around Melbourne’s schools and schools and occupied CBD destinations that can be recycled. ”

The town of Melbourne has partnered together with Enviropoles, which collects the smoke waste, also TerraCycle, which converts the butts into vinyl products and services.

The job will be funded through the Victorian authorities’s Litter hot-spots application. Studies have shown the the four disposal avenues (recycling, litter, landfill, and incineration), even re-cycling the smoke butts has the lowest global heating impression.

To read the entire story, see federal government News here.

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