Collaboration key in fight against healthcare associated infections

Interclean’s Future Disinfection Now 2017 conference took place on Tuesday 28 February at Rydges, Melbourne and Thursday 2 March at Waterview Bicentennial Park, Sydney. INCLEAN assistant editor Lizzie Hunter joined other healthcare and infection control professionals at the conference to find out more about the current and future challenges of environmental disinfection in hospital and aged care facilities, and what cleaning supervisors, managers and contractors can do to address these issues.

Learn from the past to prepare for the future”

Global chief clinical officer at Pentax Medical, Dr Hudson Garrett Jr was the first speaker to be welcomed to the stage to discuss the role of the clinical environment in the transmission of healthcare associated infections (HAI).

“I don’t know about you, but I don’t go to the hospital and say, ‘I’d like to sign the forms to be admitted, and oh, by the way, I would like a complimentary staph infection’ – no-one says that,” he exclaimed. “But in reality, that’s what happens every single day across the world.”

According to Garrett, many HAIs are preventable with current recommendations, yet only 30 to 38 per cent of hospitals are fully compliant, with only 40 per cent of healthcare personnel adhering to proper hand hygiene.

He demonstrated how easily transmission of HAIs can occur through a simple handshaking exercise, explaining that healthcare workers need to “learn from the past to prepare for the future”.

“What we do in healthcare must always derive value for the patient. If it doesn’t, we need to get rid of it. If there is a way to reproduce best practice – we need to follow it. We need to make better educated decisions and spend our resources appropriately.”

Hudson also posed the question, “Why can’t the healthcare industry be more like the airline industry?” after recounting what happened when a flight he was on from Dallas to Texas had to make an emergency landing.

“Airline industry employees are so well trained to be a cross functional team; after the pilot announced we were to prepare for an emergency landing, everyone worked in coordination; the flight attendants knew what to do, the pilot knew what to do, and the air traffic control knew what to do. Why can’t we take that same approach – where everyone works together – and apply it to environmental services to provide safe care for patients?”

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ISSA/INTERCLEAN North America keynote speakers revealed

Comedian Howie Mandel and former NFL Dallas Cowboys quarterback Troy Aikman will be the 2017 ISSA keynote speakers for the ISSA/INTERCLEAN North America Trade Show and Convention, taking place 11 to 14 September in Las Vegas.

“With the high-quality of the selected speakers, these entertaining addresses will be can’t-miss events,” said ISSA conventions and meetings director Kim Althoff.

“I can’t wait to hear what insights these gentlemen share for attendees to bring back to their everyday lives and businesses.”

Aikman will be speaking on Wednesday 13 September at 9:00 am, and Mandel will be closing the show, speaking on Thursday 14 September at 2:30 pm.

From left: Howie Mandel and Troy Aikman

Meet the speakers

Canadian born TV personality Howie Mandel has amassed a prolific career lasting more than 30 years. While many know him from his current stint as a judge on the widely popular TV show America’s Got Talent and his role as former host of the game show Deal or No Deal, he also participated in a wide variety of other shows. Mandel’s success is not limited to solely one media. His memoir, Here the Deal: Don’t Touch Me, that covers a variety of topics and personal issues—including his self-proclaimed germaphobia—was a New York Times bestseller.

Troy Aikman spent his entire 12-year football career as the quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys. Entering the league as the first-overall pick of the 1989 NFL Draft, he enjoyed legendary success, setting 45 franchise passing records and leading his team to six divisional titles, four conference championship games, and three Super Bowls—a feat done by only three quarterbacks besides Aikman in the history of the NFL. Aikman was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2006; and his work as a five-time Super Bowl broadcaster for NFL on Fox earned him an Emmy nomination.

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