Carpet Cleaning 


Carpet Cleaning
Are you sick and tired of replaying YouTube videos of DIY carpet cleaning methods for specific stains or rushing to blot the stain as soon as it falls on your carpet? 

Don’t suffer any longer.

At High Power Cleaning Services our team of experienced carpet cleaners will remove all stains quickly with industrial carpet cleaners, vacuums while using eco-friendly detergents.
Apart from removing the headache and hassle of trying to clean stains from your carpet, your daily or weekly vacuum isn’t a sufficient method of cleaning your carpet.
The mites, bacteria, dust, and dirt which reside on top and in between your carpet fibres are not going to be disturbed much with a quick vacuum. You would be surprised at the colour of the water captured from your carpet. Usually, it resembles that of a muddy puddle. And to think you sit, your kids play and you may even sleep on that carpet.

To thoroughly sanitise your carpet and lift all dirt and remove the hidden mites and insects your carpet needs to be industrially cleaned.

 We can quickly remove:

  • Pet Smells
  • Red Wine
  • Coffee
  • Chocolate
  • Ink
  • Blood, and
  • Chewing Gum

We clean all carpets in homes of all sizes, from a single room to a whole floor or multi floors of a property.

We use both Wet and Dry methods of cleaning your carpets, depending on your stain and type of carpet. Depending on the thickness of the carpet and the degree of stain we will use:

Wet (hot steam) Cleaning

The most common and efficient method of carpet cleaning, which is powerful in removing the tougher/older stains with its high-pressure water stream. You will need to allow drying time.

Dry Cleaning (powder and scrubber)

A powder detergent is applied and rubbed before being removed, leaving carpets fresh and eliminated drying time.

To get back that new carpet feeling and to sanitise your carpets call us now on 1300 997 289 for all your carpet cleaning services in Melbourne. We service the Melbourne CBD and surrounding suburbs.

High Power Cleaning Genuine Reviews

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Highly recommend
Recently booked a service for carpet and tile I was worried in the beginning for the very dirty stains on the carpet but must say the job done by High Power Cleaning technician came out absolutely fantastic. Even the tile grout were in very bad condition, thought I might need to regrout that. After the cleaning tile were looking good My house is in better cleaning status than before. Thank you sunil and kirti for your excellent service. Peter Sep 17, 2016
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