October 27, 2017

Builders Cleans

The final builder’s clean is an important part in the practice of commercial and residential construction and renovation.

We can solve this problem of yours by providing you one of the most exceptional and economic after builders cleaning in Melbourne and we’ll also turn your place tidy and liveable after the project was finished by the builders.
When a new build or construction is complete, the last step before handing over to the new owners or renters, is a thorough clean during the build. This includes window cleaning, in addition to a complete clean of the inside??.

Whether it is a self build or you are a huge builder, the last work done on the house is the cleaning. Building, particularly self-builds, can be stressful enough, so it’s nice to be able to hand over the final builders clean to a skilled and relax.

We service the follwing and more:

  • New Homes
  • New Offices
  • Hotel Developments
  • Office Floors
  • Building Lobbys
  • Commercial Developments
  • Construction Renovations
  • ¬†Apartment Complexes

In all the excitement of a new building project, it’s easy to forget the mess that contractors can leave behind. Even if builders attempt to tidy up, it can be cursory at best. They tend to be keener to get on to another job than to leave your house or business spotless. That is where Crown Cleaning can help. We offer a full assortment of handover and builders clean services to ensure your premises are pristine.

If your house is vacated and you require a renovation cleaning please contact us. We can help if you are in the process of finishing your renovations and are expected to move in by a specified date. Completing a full vacate builders clean on your requested date anywhere in Melbourne is our responsibility. We are one of Melbourne’s most trusted builders cleaners since we can deliver a clean property efficiently.

We take care of your premises and it’s our attention to detail that sets us apart from our competition. Call us today for your obligation free quotation today.