Bond Back Cleaning 

Bond Back Cleaning

A residential or commercial rental bond is a substantial amount of money that can either be used for other purposes such as savings or as a transferable bond to your next property.

At High Power Cleaning Services, we use our years of experience to clean your home of business property quickly and more efficiently. We know what is expected from real estate agents and landlords and the best way of getting your rental into the best condition it can be.

Some of our tips to get your bond back in full!

  1. Look at your condition report, and you should have got one of these when you moved in, otherwise, don’t be scared to ask the property manager.
  2. Look at your lease agreement, and this is where any particular cleaning or maintenance expectations would be listed.
  3. Don’t stress about wear and tear, most landlords and real estate agencies give leeway for wear and tear as it is an inevitable part of occupying a home or commercial property for an extended period whether it was a rental or owned place.
  4. Clean, clean, clean and more cleaning, nothing fun about it. However, the degree of cleaning at your rental property could be the difference in getting your bond back or not. If you don’t have time, patience or experience, it helps to spend money on a professional cleaner (like us) which will save you losing your bond.

What do you need to clean?

HPCS Bond Back Checklist

Below is a comprehensive list of what is most commonly expected to be cleaned. Unless of course there are conditions listed in your rental agreement.

See the attached document which lists our bond back cleaning checklist.

It’s a long list, isn’t it?

Let us take the physical work out of your bond back process, call us now on 1300 997 289 to make an appointment for your rental bond back cleaning.

We service the Melbourne CBD and surrounding suburbs.

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Recently booked a service for carpet and tile I was worried in the beginning for the very dirty stains on the carpet but must say the job done by High Power Cleaning technician came out absolutely fantastic. Even the tile grout were in very bad condition, thought I might need to regrout that. After the cleaning tile were looking good My house is in better cleaning status than before. Thank you sunil and kirti for your excellent service. Peter Sep 17, 2016
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