It's the end of your tenancy and you want to get 100% of your bond back, but there seems to be a problem. Property managers, landlords and lease agents can be sometimes fussy and may decide to hold back your bond. This may be causing you to worry- you need not to worry! At High Power Cleaning Service, we will ease your concern with our bond cleaning Melbourne service. Our bond cleaning Melbourne service will meet your landlord's requirements and get you your bond back fully. As a result of our years of experience in bond cleaning, we know the standard required QUALIFYING you for a full bond refund.

We have well-trained and dedicated cleaners that will clean the property to the delight of your property manager. These cleaners are experts at helping you get your bond back. You can rest assured that they won’t cut corners or be in haste to finish the cleaning.

Our cleaning mixtures are tough on stains but gentle on the material being cleaned. When we are done with the property, it will look as good as new.

Our bond cleaning Melbourne service will carter for the nook and cranny of the property. There are always some hidden areas which you have not cleaned at all during the time of your occupancy,  we will touch those areas and give them a new look.

We are thorough at high power cleaning service. We use the latest encapsulation technique to capture even microscopy DIRT ALL just to make the property clean.

Our bond cleaning service covers homes and offices and other rental apartments which pays back bond after tenancy.

At High Power Cleaning Service, our word is our bond and we promise to deliver 100% of your bond with our thorough and meticulous cleaning. Contact us today and get the best bond cleaning service in Melbourne.

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