Why Regular Inspections aren’t as bad as they seem.

Yes, they can be annoying, inconvenient and require physical activity but to your surprise, there is an upside.

Instead of a hassle, regular inspections should be seen as forced maintenance. For those who lack motivation for cleaning this is perfect for you. Sorry for those who clean regularly, but keeping your property manager and landlord happy is another positive.

Here are some reasons why regular inspections can be a good thing.

  • It can help get your bond back in full.Inspections ensure you clean regularly, removing any stains or build up grime that without proper tender loving care can create an issue further down the track.
  • Keeps you in the good books with the property manager, who is always great to have in your corner. Particularly useful if any issues arise regarding maintenance or emergencies (e.g., no hot water or power shortages).
  • It helps keep you in the good books with your Landlord. Making it easier to extend your lease if you would like to, and get any changes approved such as painting walls or what not. Also, if you have an active relationship with the landlord it is more likely that any non-priority maintenance gets approved swiftly.

So there you have it. More than enough reasons why regular inspections shouldn’t be seen as a hassle.

Whether it’s more important to get your bond back or to make your time at your place easier and more comfortable knowing that your property manager and the landlord is on your side.

Do you need help cleaning your home or property?

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What you need to know about Rental Cleaning.

No matter if it is a regular house rental, holiday home you rent out or event hire venue, there are things you may not know about what is expected regarding cleaning.

The most important document during any rental is the lease agreement this is made to protect you and at the same time the homeowner’s rights to the property or venue.

For House Rentals

The condition report is a very handy document that will indicate the state that the property must be returned. Removing any guesswork, allowing the property manager and yourself to be mostly on the same page regarding expectations and obligations.

Before cleaning, refer to the condition report (you should have double checked this before moving in, to ensure it was accurate to what you see). Otherwise, it is never too late, contact your property manager and discuss any discrepancies in the condition report.

The general rule, works most of the time, clean the house to the standard that it was left to you unless agreed to differently. In some cases, due to the state of the property at the commencement of the lease, you may have received cheaper rent.

Most Property Managers are decent people; they deal with many tenants and landlords who are overly demanding. Hint: don’t be one of them and they will be understanding and practical.

For Holiday and Event Hire

Unfortunately, there is usually no condition report that clarifies any grey areas. The absence of the condition report should indicate the simplistic expectations given to tenants. Most Holiday and Event rentals are short-term with the likelihood of damage being much lower than an extended lease.

Before cleaning, refer to your rental agreement or your fee breakdown on your invoice. This will identify if there is a cleaning fee already incorporated into your rental fee. If unsure contact your property manager.

If a cleaning fee is included in your property/venue hire that does not mean you don’t have to clean at all! A general tidy up should be done for general courtesy. When I say tidy up, there is no need to do the laundry and fold and press sheets (self-explanatory to most)! I only mean, put your used towels in a neat pile for a holiday rental and for venue hire put all rubbish in a practical pile.

I have just skimmed the surface of the ins and outs of rental cleaning.

But for most trustworthy tenants you need not worry about discrepancies or damage to properties or venues.

Now, more importantly, my question to you: do you have family over or an event coming up and don’t have time to clean?

We can help.

At High Power Cleaning, we offer our great regular Rental Bond Cleaning in Melbourne for those usually on a longer-term lease as well as one off cleans, for that short term rental or post-party..

We understand that bonds are expensive upfront costs many of which are invaluable especially after forking out money on a rental.

We specialise in all things rental cleaning including more thorough end of lease cleaning service. Giving you peace of mind and keeping your pocket full.

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Secrets to help get your Rental Bond back!

Don’t leave it for the last minute.

Getting your bond back starts from when you move in. The longer the spills, crumbs and dust remain the harder they are to remove. Especially stains, they are much easier to clean then and there than days, weeks or months down the track. You don’t need to be a perfectionist, just clean up after every meal, every spill and do a general clean every week or two. A casual, dust, bathroom clean and vacuum won’t do any harm and will help your wallet down the line.

Know what kind of person you are.

Are you a perfectionist, organised mess or the “never have” cleaned type of person. If you classify as the first two, as long as you are regularly clean so that no spills or dirt builds up and leaves stains, you should be more than capable of keeping your rental in a satisfactory condition.

If you are the “never have” cleaner.

You have two options, one for those on a strict budget and others for the time poor without such a cash constraint.

Yes, you may be on a budget, but weigh up the profits (in this case savings) and losses. Not enlisting the help of a regular professional cleaner may give you some extra cash for the meantime. But! Always a but, when it’s time to get your bond back if you haven’t changed your ways you won’t be so much saving money when your rental has been damaged from your lack of cleaning and repairs are needed from (avoidable) neglect.

So either way, If you know that you are a “never have” and you have accepted that, to assure you get your bond back in full you need to enlist a professional cleaner at the start. You may start weekly, fortnightly or monthly depending on how many are living with you, if you have any events or are snowed under at work.

It’s not too late to start, better to be sooner rather than later.
Even if it is training you to clean or hiring a regular professional cleaner.

Start now!

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Getting Your Bond Back

Top 3 Things You Need To Know.

  1. End of Lease Clean? Not just for those moving out.

Either way, if you are moving out of renewing your lease you still need to do a thorough clean, sorry and it’s more than your usual spring clean. Think scrubbing walls, getting to every corner of the bathroom and those never been touched skirting boards. There is quite a list of cleaning requirements that is expected to be cleaned at the end of Lease Clean. You can view generic End of Lease cleaning checklists online (i have included a link at the bottom of the page) which most landlords/real estate agents and owners expect to be done at the completion of any the lease.

  1. Wear and Tear?

Good news, there is consideration given for general wear and tear that happens with any tenancy. I’m going to refer you to the Rental Tenants Authority (RTA) website which although is from QLD is generic throughout all states. The consideration of wear and tear may also be included in the rental agreement, usually, if a thorough End of Lease Clean is conducted and there weren’t any major holes in walls, etc. this won’t be an issue.

  1. Condition Report?

Please don’t say what is this, this is a very very important document. This could be the difference between getting your bond back in full or half taken. The real estate agent or landlord will complete a condition report before the commencement of any lease (if not this is more leeway) and another will be completed at the end of a lease. This is to prove that something wasn’t broken at the start and was broken at the end. Make sure that any none- functioning appliances or equipment at the beginning of the lease is noted in the first condition report; this will save you $$.

Follow this guide and your bond money should head straight back into your pock

et. As I mentioned here is a very comprehensive list of recommended End of Lease cleaning, you need to prepare yourself for more than an afternoon of cleaning, or call our customer care center to arrange a quote!

End of Lease Checklist:

Do’s and Don’ts of Carpet Cleaning

Having carpet can be tricky. especially if you have never had it before. Here are some simple pointers to help improve the longevity of your carpet and revive that brand new feeling!


  • Follow care instructions from the carpet manufacturer. Most advise full carpet steaming once every 6 – 12 months.
  • Regularly vacuum your carpet once every 1 – 2 weeks to maintain your carpet and reduce the dust/dirt build up.
  • Hire a professional cleaning company (like us!) if you don’t have experience doing it yourself at lease every 9 months.


  • Think that vacuuming your carpet counts as carpet cleaning!
  • Overlook professional carpet steam cleaning
  • Underestimate the dust, dirt and if you have pets the hair that builds up in your carpet, especially if you have dark carpet. Just because you can’t see it it doesn’t mean it’s not there!

If you still need to be convinced why regular carpet steam cleaning is a must, I have summarised the main points for you.

Why: extend the longevity of your carpet and keep your family/pets/employees safe from dirt and dust build up.

How: hire a professional steam cleaning company (like us!) or hire a steam-cleaning machine but only for the experienced.

When: at least every 9 months. Put in your diary so you don’t forget!

Eco-Friendly Cleaning

Why Do it?

Too many reasons, let’s start with the obvious, being environmentally conscious ensuring that perhaps only a few litres (it’s a start) of chemical-free water runs into your local waterways, waterways you probably swim in. The other top reason is for the safety of your family/friends/pets or employees. Everyone knows excessive chemical exposure is not good for anyone.


Isn’t it expensive?

It can be yes, Hollywood has made it this way, it’s popular and in fashion as many celebrities have endorsed certain products. Don’t get angry, in the end, they are supporting the environment intentionally or not. If money isn’t an issue you can head to your local health food store or more recently local supermarket and pick up some eco-friendly cleaning products. For those who are on a budget, I haven’t forgotten about you, I have some easy budget options for you. Read on.

Eco-Friendly Cleaning on a Budget.

Believe it or not, you can find the most basic/effective eco-friendly cleaning products in your pantry (well most of you). It’s as simple as using these ingredients from your pantry:

  • White Vinegar: a mild disinfectant and good general cleaner for glass, bench tops, shower screens and floors.

  • Bicarbonate Soda: not just for cakes. It acts as a gentle scourer for sinks and baths.

  • Salt: an unexpected wonder additive that acts as an extra scourer and helps lift those tough stains.

Anyone can do it. It’s not only fo hippies and the old fashioned. It’s back in fashion; it can be cheap and at the same time you are doing your part for the environment.

If you don’t have time to clean and you use regular cleaners, make sure you check or request that they use eco-friendly chemicals in your home or workplace. This will ensure again, that your home or work environment is safe for your family, friends, pets or employees.

Note: Our company prides itself on doing our part for the environment, we do this by using eco-friendly chemicals.

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