June 6, 2017

About Us

High Power Cleaning Services is a family-owned, Melbourne-CBD-based cleaning company founded in 2010. Our team of experienced tapestry cleaners are proud to offer the highest standards of tapestry cleaning. Our desire to provide excellent tapestry cleaning services is focused on the values that make us one of Melbourne’s most successful tapestry cleaning services alone.

Within the CBD district of Melbourne, we expand our facilities to residential and commercial properties. HPCS offers not only regular cleaning of the rug but also steam washing, rent cleaning of the carpet and extensive cleaning. We respect the planet and have since implemented a cleaning approach that is environmentally friendly, environmentally friendly and healthy for your families, pets and workers.

High power cleaning is fitted with an advanced scope and can make sure that you have nothing shy of a new taper look. We promise not only that we offer a product of optimum value, but also that we provide our highly specialized cleaners with a friendly face.

Since cleaning services for developers, we have value in Melbourne for over eleven years. With 11 years of experience, we can ensure that cleaning builders at a very affordable price are skilled, timely and comprehensive. We have spent not only many years after cleaning factories to optimize our systems but also were able to expand to provide professional contractors in Melbourne on request.

igh Power Cleaning Services in Melbourne

 High Power Cleaning Services in Melborne

To offer quality and thorough final cleaning of the rentals, High Power Cleaning uses the expertise in all aspects of cleaning. We seek to do all we can to ensure that your bond money is thoroughly issued. Clogging of steam carpets, cleaning of the internal windows and window sills, kitchen-cleaning (including oven), washing machine, walls, gates, skirting boards and more involves our full range of services but are not restricted to them.


We offer high-quality commercial cleaning services that meet the needs of particular companies to ensure only the highest standards for sanitation. We have a broad range of clients from different industries and have the certification stamp which fits all industry standards. We are proud to offer the highest quality of contractors specializing in industrial cleaning who are dedicated to excellence.