2017 – Biggest flu season on record in Australia!

Did you know that a single sneeze can discharge 40,000 droplets that disperse in the air and onto surfaces?

We are aware that the challenges and issues centers face on each and everyone throughout the flu and cold season and the effect.   Flu leads to stuffy, sore throats, itching nose , body aches, fatigue and chills. That the influenza ends in personnel absenteeism and lost productivity every year. We have provided illness prevention answers for more than 30 years.    Cleansing and disinfection of signature surfaces plays a critical function.

At Diversey Treatment we’ve got an Extensive Array of Registered Hospital Grade Disinfectant Cleaners proven to Destroy Staph Aureus, MRSA, VRE!     Oxivir® Tb — healthcare facility Grade Disinfectantis a registered one step Hospital Grade Disinfectant Cleaner predicated on Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide (AHP®-RRB- technological innovation to produce quick, extensive array disinfection with improved cleaning power.   Oxivir® Tb  is proven to kill Flu virus in just 1 moment. Unlike conventional disinfectants,  Oxivir® Tb  operates over enough time it takes for the outside to dry, effectively murdering flu rapidly!

Our Oxivir range is:

  • Non hazardous, non-DG — easier to get personnel
  • non odour — user-friendly delivering a greater odds of correct use. Improves compliance
  • non-corrosive —  less harm to surfaces

Available in ready to use fluid and wipes.

Get in touch with your Diversey Account Representative  directly   or customer service   on   : 1800 647 779 or move to vericlean.com.au

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