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Builders Cleans Services Melbourne

The final builder’s clean is an important part in the practice of commercial and residential construction and renovation. Read more

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Window cleaning Services Melbourne

We get glass clean! We provide all services required to get windows looking crystal clear removing even years of mineral and chemical build-up. Read more

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Tile and Grout Cleaning Melbourne

Remove any soap scum from your tiles and grout with our superior tile and grout cleaning services. Read more

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Carpet Cleaning Services Melbourne

Are you sick and tired of replaying YouTube videos of DIY carpet cleaning methods for certain stains or hurrying to blot the stain as soon as it drops on your carpet? Read more

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Oven Cleaning Services Melbourne

Oven cleaning is one of those tasks that you don’t ever appear to get around to until it has become an unmanageable task and then it seems overwhelming! Read more

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Spring Cleaning Services Melbourne

Spring Cleaning doesn’t necessarily need to be in Spring, the most frequent time for “spring” cleaning is in fact in preparation for summer or in preparation for the new year. Read more

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Office Cleaning Services Melbourne

A clean, hygienic and fresh-smelling work environment is standard for We clients. When you opt for the We partnership, you’re securing professional, trusted cleaning specialists. Read more

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Commercial Cleaning Melbourne

Just like a clean home, a clean office promotes productivity and brings a calm and soothing environment no matter which business or industry you’re in. Read more

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High Pressure Cleaning Melbourne

We use dedicated high pressure cleaning machinery. We DO NOT simply blast your concrete or paving and lead to splatter all over your windows! Read more

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High power Clean (24X7) Help Desk Services

Our 24/7 helpdesk operation is available to all clients for rescheduling or proposal requests. Read more

High Power Cleaning Services is a family-owned cleaning business established in 2010 based in Melbourne-CBD. We pride ourselves on providing the highest standard of carpet cleaning, with our team of experienced carpet cleaning specialists. Our ability to ensure exceptional carpet cleaning services stems from our company values making us one of the most well-known carpet cleaning services in Melbourne alone.

We extend our services to both domestic and commercial properties within the Melbourne CBD area. High Power Cleaning Services not only provides regular carpet cleaning but also steam carpet cleaning, end of lease carpet cleaning and rug cleaning. High Power Cleaning Services values the environment and has since adopted an eco-friendly cleaning strategy not only beneficial to the environment but safe for your family, pets or employees.