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Builders Cleans Services Melbourne

The final builder’s clean is an important part in the practice of commercial and residential construction and renovation. Read more

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Window cleaning Services Melbourne

We get glass clean! We provide all services required to get windows looking crystal clear removing even years of mineral and chemical build-up. Read more

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Tile and Grout Cleaning Melbourne

Remove any soap scum from your tiles and grout with our superior tile and grout cleaning services. Read more

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Carpet Cleaning Services Melbourne

Are you sick and tired of replaying YouTube videos of DIY carpet cleaning methods for certain stains or hurrying to blot the stain as soon as it drops on your carpet? Read more

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Oven Cleaning Services Melbourne

Oven cleaning is one of those tasks that you don’t ever appear to get around to until it has become an unmanageable task and then it seems overwhelming! Read more

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Spring Cleaning Services Melbourne

Spring Cleaning doesn’t necessarily need to be in Spring, the most frequent time for “spring” cleaning is in fact in preparation for summer or in preparation for the new year. Read more

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Office Cleaning Services Melbourne

A clean, hygienic and fresh-smelling work environment is standard for We clients. When you opt for the We partnership, you’re securing professional, trusted cleaning specialists. Read more

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Commercial Cleaning Melbourne

Just like a clean home, a clean office promotes productivity and brings a calm and soothing environment no matter which business or industry you’re in. Read more

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High Pressure Cleaning Melbourne

We use dedicated high pressure cleaning machinery. We DO NOT simply blast your concrete or paving and lead to splatter all over your windows! Read more

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High power Clean (24X7) Help Desk Services

Our 24/7 helpdesk operation is available to all clients for rescheduling or proposal requests. Read more

High Power clean established in 2010 based in Melbourne-CBD. We have a family owned cleaning business and we feel pride ourselves to serve all type of cleaning category in both commercial and domestic sections. We are specialist in End of lease cleaning, Carpet cleaning, Bond back cleaning, Rental cleaning services in Melbourne. Our many years of working experience make us in the top of the list of cleaning service providing companies in our area.

We keep regular updated our-self with latest technology and products for both residential and commercial cleaning services. Our working limitations are bound less, so we also provide Window cleaning, high pressure cleaning, steam cleaning, move out cleaning, oven cleaning and spring cleaning services too. End of lease cleaning Melbourne and Carpet cleaning Melbourne Services stand us a side from a normal cleaning companies, as we are best in our services.

While providing the cleaning services in any segment we always keep in priority of nature and personal health safety, thats the reason we always use Eco-Friendly products and Green technology. This is more hygienic as well. We updated with latest cleaning tools to provide the best services for our each customer.

We have a huge positive feedback and rating list of our customers. This makes us feel proud and force us to give more accurate cleaning work every time for our each customer. We also expert in Rental or Vacate Cleaning Melbourne and Bond Back Cleaning Melbourne services.

Our cleaning services booking system management is too easy. Anyone can book frequently without any hassle. We working to take bookings in 24X7 through our customer care services. Our team is full with experienced and qualified members. Their expertness and professionalism always keep you tense-free from any kind of unwanted damages and family or employee disturbances.

Power of End of Lease Cleaning Melbourne

We known for our best End of lease cleaning Melbourne Services. We always believe and focus in to provide best cleaning work for our each customer and always trying to refund the complete bond money back through our cleaning services. We are in the cleaning services since 2010, so we provide expertly all kind of cleaning services in best prices. We have expertise in Vacate cleaning Melbourne Services.

High Power Clean team members are full of experienced and maintain professionalism while doing work in your property. Our team members are verified with local legal authorities. Our End of lease cleaning Melbourne services always helps to get 100% bond back in Melbourne. We also provide our services in Move out of cleaning services.

We always stand just one call (1300 997 289) away from you, So make a call for instant booking or book our cleaning services by go through the inquiry form, Our representative will contact you shortly. We do our work with very seriously and understand our responsibility that’s the reason our customer service team will ask you for the overall working satisfaction and feedback of our services after finishing the job in your property, So we maintain good relations too with our each customer.

On special occasions we work on exciting offers like any percentage discount on any specific cleaning services and send the information to our clients. This will make our customers happy. Our team is always loaded with latest and updated tools and cleaning equipment. This will save our time and make our work easier and for our customers, we provide a guaranteed damage free and hygienic cleaning services on their property.